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      PROSTEPPER?is one of the largest manufacturer of motors in China.?We focus on R&D and manufacturer of stepping motor,?BLDC motor, permanent?magnet?synchronous?motor, AC?servo frequency conversion motor, machine tools control motor,?spindle motor, encoder and related motor accessories. We’re the high-level motor solution supplier of industry automation and medical science, we have cooperated with more than 30 international leading companies worldwide and provided them creative solutions and high quality products. PROSTEPPER resolve to support world with?efficient, energy saving and environmental?friendly.

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      PROSTEPPER’s motor products be widely used in many fields and sites, such as 3D printer, garment machine, CNC machine tools, textile machinery, packaging machinery, medical equipment, wire harness processing and other industries. We are a high-end motor supplier in the domestic automation industry, and has been the specified manufacturer by numbers of internationally renowned companies in the United States, Europe, South Korea and so on.

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